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Light and LED electronic circuits

Very popular circuits! Running lights, stroboscope, light shows

12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver

12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver. Very useful to have in car, or when camping.... [read]

200W Lamp Flasher

200W Lamp Flasher kit is used to flash lamps, bulbs and halogen lamp to give your product that attracting look.... [read]

220 Volts Flashing Lamps

Make 220v device that flashes lamps in adjustable flashing rate. Be careful! This voltage can kill!... [read]

230V Blinking LED

I needed a pulsating light for a certain signaling. Voltage was 230V. So I decided to make a simple circuit, consisted of a LED diode, two capacitors, two... [read]

28 LED Clock Timer

This is a programmable clock timer circuit that uses individual LEDs to indicate hours and minutes.... [read]

40W Fluorescent Lamp Inverter

This 40W fluorescent lamp inverter allows you to run 40W fluorescent tubes from any 12V source capable of delivering 3A.... [read]

5 Lamp-LED Flash Driver

It is a low cost, low-power C-MOS LSI designed for lamp andLED flash driver.... [read]

6 Channel Disco Running Lights

Yet another circuit designed for home parties. It controls 6 (but up to 10) 220/110V bulbs and makes the light "running" between them. Use color bulbs for... [read]

Adjustable Strobe Light

Adjustable Strobe Light. Ideal for home parties.... [read]

Adjustable Strobe Light

Make yourself strobe light for parties. Flashing speed for this device can be adjusted easily. ... [read]

Battery-powered Night Lamp

This circuit is usable as a Night Lamp when a wall mains socket is not available to plug-in an ever running small neon lamp device.... [read]

Bicycle back Safety Light

This circuit has been designed to provide a clearly visible light, formed by 13 high efficiency flashing LEDs arranged in a pseudo-rotating order.... [read]

Black Light

This circuit is a simple ultraviolate light that can be powered by a 6 volt battery or power supply that is capable of supplying 1 or more amps.... [read]

Brightness Control for small Lamps

This device was designed on request, to control the light intensity of four filament lamps... [read]


Anyone who has been to a night club, concert or school dance has probobly seen a colour organ. Colour organs cause lights to blink and flash to music from... [read]

Courtesy Light

This circuit is intended to let the user turn off a lamp by means of a switch placed far from bed, allowing him enough time to lie down before the lamp really... [read]

Dancing LEDs

Dancing LEDs... [read]

Fading LEDs

This circuit operates two LED strips in pulsing mode, i.e. one LED strip goes from off state, lights up gradually, then dims gradually, etc. while the other... [read]

Fantastic Atom Expander

The LEDs can be any colour but blue. For a very interesting effect, make one ring red, the next one green, the next one orange, then yellow, etc.... [read]

Instrument panel lamp dimmer control

This circuit uses an MC3392 low side protected switch and an MC1455 timing circuit to form an automotive instrumentation panel lamp dimmer control. The brightness... [read]

LASER Transmitter-Receiver

This set of two circuits from the basis for a very simple light wave transmitter. A LASER beam is modulated and then aimed at a receiver that demodulates the... [read]

LED Chaser

I don't know why, but people like blinking lights. You see LED chasers everywhere, in TV shows (Knight Rider), movies, and store windows. This schematic is... [read]

LED or Lamp Flasher

Build LED or lamp flasher for decoration or as indicator in other devices.... [read]

LED or Lamp Pulser

This circuit operates a LED in pulsing mode, i.e. the LED goes from off state, lights up gradually, then dims gradually, etc.... [read]

LED Photo Sensor

Here's a circuit that takes advantage of the photo-voltaic voltage of an ordinary LED. The LED voltage is buffered by a junction FET transistor and then applied... [read]

LEDs or Lamps Sequencer

Very simple, versatile modular design. No limits to the number of modules used in the ring... [read]

Low cost-Automatic Emergency Light

1. It is highly bright due to the use of white LEDs. 2. The light turns on automatically when mains supply fails, and turns off when mains power resumes. 3.... [read]

Neon Desklamp

Make a neon bulb run on a 12V DC. It has a low power consumption and it's very easy to build.... [read]

Nite Rider Lights

As a keen cyclist I am always looking for ways to be seen at night. I wanted something that was a novelty and would catch the motorists eye.... [read]

TRIAC Light Dimmer

This little circuit can be used to dim lights up to about 350 watts. It uses a simple, standard TRIAC circuit that, in my expirience, generates very little... [read]

Triple Stroboscope

This circuit enables observation of movement between other stroboscopes. Generation of rectangular signal is based on NE555. This circuit requires a low power... [read]

Two-wire Lamp Flasher

This circuit has been designed to provide that continuous light lamps already wired into a circuit, become flashing. Simply insert the circuit between existing... [read]